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Hey mon! Are your dreads getting dry and brittle? Stop and soak them here in the reverb drenched goodness that is Vira Records lastest  net release.

King Slaff’s Testament Remixes is a  deep and dubby  four track e.p. that I and I, the royal we, have been enjoying quite a bit lately. Along with the original version of Testament you get three remixes from Mekha, Kupa and Mock The Zuma. 

Kupa’s Trpical Bleeps Mix is what you can get a preview of here. While the rest of the King Slaff album doesn’t really dabble in video game music this Kupa track will give you your fill of bleepy chip synth. If you’re into this track I urge you to also download one of my favorites from last year, Kupa’s  awesome Bit Pairat album. I’ll give you links for both. Yeah mon!

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Beytah - Phobos Monolith

Brian Kubat has been stomping around the west coast for a while causing panic under billings such as Beytah and Murdasloth. His deep warped basslines and circuit bent keyboards are known to shake rafters or rattle dinosaur bones from the La Brea tar pits to Washington. With the release Phobos Monolith, on the Digital Vomit label, Beytah puts the emphasis on using the much loved Gameboy music cartridge LSDJ to summon the alien apocolypse. 

The five track e.p. is full of nice build ups, hectic moments, slick bass and enough alien voices to keep you paranoid. “Arecibo Reply”, which you can listen to above, pretends to lighten the load with slow but steady basslines and alternating melodies until the ending picks up the pace. The song finishes off by probing you with some trashy, in a good way, gameboy jungle breaks before putting you back to bed with an erased memory. 

Phobos Monolith is an excellent example of how the right set of thumbs can use a Gameboy to make music that is not only fun, but  imaginative and moody at the same time. You already saved the princess, but can you survive the extraterrestrial onslaught?

You can download the full release here - or find out more about brian here -

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DL Adventures Beyond Challenge by Psilodump

Hi. I forgot to update this for a while! There’s a new Psilodump release on 8bitpeoples, since apparently the only way I’ll update this is if there’s more Psilodump. If you’ve heard Psilodump’s Blip Fest 2009 set, you more or less know what to expect: wild beats with completely insane bleeps flailing around. This track used to be known as Extraelectronic (Beta), but apparently in the year since then it’s completed beta testing and is now helping you do things that are supposed to be impossible. But you do it anyway, because you’re listening to Psilodump.

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DL No More Lies by George & Jonathan

cover for The Best Music

If it ever feels cloudy outside, throw on this track and let its super-bright chip chords blast rainbows out of everything onto everything else. Just listening to this makes me feel like the colors of world have suddenly become over-saturated, full of super-bright neon glows and eye-burning intensity. And that’s just the background chords. It’s joined by an ultra-funky bassline and an incredibly catchy melody. Everything about this is just so incredibly happy and upbeat.

George & Jonathan make music using pixel’s Piston Collage. Not a real sound chip, but an incredible simulation. Kinda like those classic modules, but made with a piano roll instead of a tracker. They jam a lot of stuff into their songs. You should check out their album. This is the quintessential George & Jonathan song, and the rest of the album (aptly titled “The Best Music”) follows in the same vein, more or less. That’s not to say every song sounds the same, it’s saying that every song is awesome.

Disclaimer: I’m not posting this because George gave me a shout-out during a show on the UCLA radio station earlier this year. I’m posting this because the song is awesome.

If you happen to be in the Rochester area on Monday, you might find this show interesting. George & Jonathan are DJ’ing between sets, and if their prior shows are any indication, it’s going to be awesome. (Take that show, but imagine the crowd is going as nuts as I am.)

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DL Schandalig Vet by Frietboer

I know very little about Frietboer except he is from the Netherlands and likes hiphop and distortion. It seems he releases an album for free download every so often and is up to the fifth release (which is where this track is pulled from, get it here). The release is split into two with the larger being tracks with both english and dutch(?) rappers and the smaller includes five standalone instrumentals. The collaboration tracks aren’t stand out, I don’t know whether it is the fact that the rappers just aren’t very good or that they get in the way of the production, basically there are a few good tracks but mostly filler. The instrumentals however are incredible wonky old school boom-bap fed through a massive distortion chain with a fair share of modern bleeps as well. Unfortunately the release only comes as a single download so just grab the whole thing and pick through it to find the good stuff, you won’t be dissapointed.

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DL Ghost Hunter by EPROM

I have been very slack and not posting since my first post so I am going to get right back into it now. I have been listening to a lot of skweee mix tapes and while the genre seems to flip and change sound the artists involved and surrounding the scene are doing some really interesting things. EPROM is one of these artists and he makes what dubstep should be, fierce lazer bass and slow tempo while not getting caught in the wub. It is well worth your while checking out his '09 and '10 mixtapes. The track Ghost Hunter is from his Bay Area EP released last month. It isn’t as dirty or chip as his ‘09 stuff but still ultra cool, I mean look at the artwork.. Dolphins FTW. The EP is pay what you like with no minimum but I suggest donating some cash if you got it as supporting this guy will guarantee that the future of music will be full of dribbly bass, wonky beats and lazer-cannons.

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DL Densetsu Riddim by Kanji Kinetic

College life is just too exciting for me to remember to keep bringing you the obscurest jams, you know? So here’s something Japanese, because Blip Tokyo happened this past week. Also, it’s awesome. It’s from netlabel Maltine Records, and apparently it’s one of their best releases. At the very least it’s promoted on their front page.

This is a very fun track. You’ll hear what I mean at 0:41 when things get crazy and pretty much stays that way, with the tambres and pitches constantly changing while repeating the spastic pattern. It combines awesome squlechy and wobbly basslines with high flying chip twerps. And then the chippy stuff gets replaced with bassline stuff. It’s awesome.

This is from a split release, KANJI KENTEI EP. Both sides have awesome basslines, but this one is somewhat more crazy. Hey, whatever gets your subwoofer thumping, right?

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DL Daftdiscorockpunk Technolectromalephonk (Sanomat’s Acid Kingz Remix) by Hannelore Klinke

Life is exciting! I’ve moved into my exciting new place at RIT and starPause is in Japan. So, what’s perfect for partying in new places than incredibly silly acid house? A remix of a track off of some sort of practical joke techno release, the wackiness has been turned up to 303 and wiggly acid lines have been dribbled all over it. Feel free to sing and dance along. Show me your moves!

This track is from one of rest’s compilation albums, rest in peace II, a grab bag of dancey tracks. If you need more goofy acid house, Sanomat has you covered.

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DL Collecting Sonic II (Bobbygunnar Remix) by Pushiro

These past couple of weeks have been on the chill side of music because the weather’s been really hot. This past week has been relatively cool over here in Massachusetts. Which means that I need to crank up the heat in the music. And what makes me feel so hot that I’m spontaneously combusting than hard acid techno? (Possibly Eurobeat.)

So here we have Amiga acid techno rave music from the 90s. And before you ask, yes, this track was made by Psilodump in the 90s when he was a teenager. I like Psilodump. It’s still awesome, plus it was remixed an indeterminate amount of time later. Wobbly, squiggly acid lines burning holes through your speakers, deep pounding bass drums, and an amusingly unchanging bassline (what are you doing listening to the bassline? that acid is flying all over the place!). It’ll get you in the mood to do something destructive, like move back to college.

If you like this, go get the rest of Drop the Kontrabas. It’s nice and loud, and the title track also has plenty of hard acid goodness for you, though with more emphasis on the hard and not as squelchy as this. Don’t check the The Art of Realistix website; instead, check their page for more Amiga rave-y goodness from the 90s. It’s not all Psilodump, I promise.

video xwdishere 16 Aug

LGPT BIG BURN TOKYO by starpause on Mixcloud

"Making cdr of this to sell and swap at my 2010 gigs in japan:

kyoto ~ aug27 ~ 
tokyo ~ sep04 ~ 

all tracks from the catalog, created with the handheld 

pigture from 


Thought you guys might like to hear what starpause has been up to.

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